Yearly Voltage Stability Assessment Studies

All single and double contingencies for all major load pockets for the worst peak load condition. It also can include changes in power factor and level, loading pattern and level, and transfer pattern and level. Voltage limit violations are determined for each contingency evaluated and an integrated thermal and voltage security assessment is provided. Intellicon estimates this study will take one month to complete. Current methods can cost upwards of $2,000,000, take several months for a large ISO, and result in an incomplete assessment.

  • A yearly assessment study is very similar to the 5 year assessment except that only on peak (summer or winter) is studied and the Postured Controls will be operation planning options rather than system design options since it is imperative to determine how severe and persistent the voltage instability problem for a particular load pocket is to justify an investment and to select the design option. It is assumed that an Intellicon Postured Control will provide operation based guidance (unit commitment, voltage scheduling, active scheduling) and in some loadpockets known to be problematic guidance in selecting quick design options such as adding Under Voltage Mechanically Switched Capacitors, Under Voltage Tap Changing, or Under Voltage Load Shedding.
  • If one knows the areas and contingencies associated with each area, one may not need to perform Intelliconís Voltage Collapse Contingency Selection and Contingency Vulnerable Area services each year. The Comprehensive Contingency Simulation can assess contingencies that cause voltage instability and those that produce near voltage instability and the areas where each contingency produces voltage instability. Intelliconís Postured Control (Unit Commitment, Voltage Rescheduling, Load Shedding) services can provide solutions for every contingency that causes voltage instability and increases voltage instability margins for those that are close to producing voltage instability. Intelliconís Comprehensive PV Assessment and Comprehensive Q-V Assessment services can assess margins for all of these contingencies and for all of the sensitivity cases after Postured Controls are determined.