Comprehensive V-Q Curve Voltage Stability Assessments

The V-Q assessment tool can compute voltage at buses in a loadpocket for any contingency, can compute the Qmin and Vmin for a V-Q curves for up to 20,000 cases for each subnetwork and/or load pocket. This assessment can be performed for each loadpocket after only single contingencies, after only double contingencies, or after only triple contingency for a specific base case to assess security for the base, N-1 and N-2 security levels

More Comprehensive
  • Reduce manpower and costs of V-Q curve assessments for a system composed of several areas with several contingencies associated with each area where all contingencies solve and are close to voltage instability
  • Simulates tens of thousands of V-Q curves per hour including different areas, critical buses in subnetworks of areas, contingencies, power factor changes, loading patterns and levels, and transfer patterns and levels
  • Remove the iterative nature of evaluating V-Q curves for every contingency, for several critical buses, and for different transfer, loading, and power factor sensitivity cases for a load pocket by performing them in one batch
  • Allow the assessment to focus on just one loadpocket or to focus on several loadpockets with separate reports for each
  • Perform V-Q curve assessments for one or more loadpockets with contingencies that are unsolved but made secure via some design option, operation planning option, or by Intelliconís Postured Unit Commitment, Postured Capacitor Protection, or Postured Load Shedding Control
  • Can utilize customer specified or Intellicon determined areas and loadpockets
  • Qlimit can be set based on the Qmin reactive loading limit or based on the reactive reserves associated with the generators associated with the load pocket, or both
  • Qlimit can also be computed in the nested subnetworks of a loadpocket to assess proximity to cascading voltage stability instability of the loadpocket since exhaustion of reserves or inability to obtain reactive supply in a subnetwork in the nested set implies the next largest subnetwork in the nested set would start to approach voltage instability
  • Can plot V-Q curves for cases that can be prespecified or that are determined by criteria provided by the customer