Batch Contingency Simulation for Design and Planning

Traditional voltage stability assessments are not truly comprehensive because they typically involve performing no more than a few hundred contingencies. Intellicon is able to increase the comprehensiveness of these studies in several ways, including increasing the number of contingencies simulated, providing a clear picture of which subnetworks and loadpockets they affect and how they are affected.

More Comprehensive
  • Can simulate several hundred thousand contingencies provided either by the customer or by Intellicon
  • This program can be run on a single case, or several cases representing different design options (or operation planning options) with different loading patterns and levels, transfer pattern and levels, and power factor sensitivity cases
  • A comparison of the results for all contingencies impacting an area or loadpocket can be provided
  • A comparison of results of the reactive exhaustion for any contingency for each design option (or operation planning option) can be provided for each loading level and pattern, transfer, and sensitivity case for the relevant contingencies
  • How design and operation planning options and/or loading and transfer patterns and levels would increase the number of contingencies that had solution and increase reactive reserves for contingencies that were close to voltage instability
  • Reduction in manpower and cost to the customer with fast turnaround
  • Classify the simulated contingencies as solved and not close to voltage instability, solved but close to voltage instability, and non-solved
  • Specify the set of subnetworks and areas impacted by each contingency in terms of exhaustion of reactive reserves if solved and close to voltage instability