Distributed Generation Contributions to Voltage Stability Security

One of the biggest challenges of Distributed Generation is finding sites and sizes where the increased overhead costs are justified by the increase in reliability. Distributed Generation dramatically improves voltage stability security when sited and sized effectively. Intellicon Preventive or Postured Load Shedding Control can determine the most effective sites and sizes for the Distributed Generation units.

More Comprehensive
  • Traditional methods seek system enhancements that affect only the transmission system. Since Distributed Generation units are located in the distribution system, these traditional methods are not suited for this task. Intellicon is uniquely able to site and size units in the most effective parts of the distribution system
  • Intellicon can study the effects of inverters on Distributed Generation units. In previous studies, Distributed Generation with reactive supply doubled the effectiveness of a distributed generation source
  • Intelliconís siting and sizing of Distributed Generation with voltage control can dramatically reduce the cost and increase the effective availability of Distributed Generation used in prevention of voltage instability by reducing or eliminating the storage requirements imposed by unavailability of Distributed Generation units